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Our Other Policies

What type of products are we able to provide?

We are able to provide insurance policies specifically for:

  • Bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Commercial and office insurance
  • Third party liability (Responsibilidad Civil)
  • Professional services insurance
  • Community Insurance for apartments and urbanisations
  • Landlords rental protection Insurance
  • Pet Insurance............................................. and many others.

How can I obtain details and obtain a quote?

Many of the policies for these products are designed individually in order to meet your requirements.  As such, it is not possible to simply provide an online form for you to complete and return.  Therefore, in order for us to develop a project to meet your requirements you can:

Whether you call or email, we will need basic details to start us off.  This is likely to include:

  • The type of activity
  • The location (not the exact address, but the area)
  • Employee details (if any)
  • For a business, the anticipated annual revenue
  • The type of risks you want to cover

When we have the basic information, we will need to take your project to the next step.  This will involve a meeting or telephone conference to fill the gaps.  For larger projects we are likely to need to discuss the proposal on several occasions, before it is complete.


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