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About Expat Insurance in Spain

This is the original Expat Insurance in Spain website.

Founded in 2004, Expat Insurance in Spain is the Alicante based expatriate division of Taylor Insurance Professionals Spain�. Over the years, we have processed in excess of 10,000 expatriate insurance solutions and renewals and have developed into a leading specialist in the provision of insurance products specifically for expats and for those with assets in Spain.



Ken Taylor - Principal for Expat and Domestic Market

We have a wide-ranging portfolio of insurance products provided by leading British and Spanish Insurance Companies, whose policies and written exclusively for the expatriate market here in Spain.  Where possible, all of our insurance policies are in English and come with full English speaking support, although we appreciate, that some specialist insurance policies are only available in Spanish.  In the event that you have an insurance policy in Spanish, we have full Spanish speaking support to assist you with any problems you may encounter.  


Elizabeth Rodriguez Cudina - Spanish Product Development

Expat Insurance in Spain was founded by Ken Taylor, who has a sound background in Performance Management and considers Customer Care to be of the utmost importance.  We have well established Quality Management procedures in place and our well trained team prides itself on attention to detail and the highest level of professionalism.  Our aim is continual improvement, product development for our valued clients, research and retention. 

Our business is not only about providing quality insurance products, it is also about our duty of care to our clients in providing the highest level of support and information and it is for this reason that we have developed and published our information website, www.tipshelp.website, which provides a whole range of legal and general information, including how to re-plate a UK registered vehicle here in Spain.


Ainhara Guillo Ca�res - Support and Retention

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