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Motor Insurance for UK and Spanish Registered Vehicles

We insure UK and Spanish registered vehicles in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal.

OVER 40? Claim an extra discount. Car registered in the UK? Not a problem. We can arrange your insurance in one hour. Replating your vehicle?  We can arrange your insurance while it is being plated. Motorbike Insurance - From a 50cc scooter to the largest bikes around - we have the cover.  English speaking support.

We will honour your no claims bonus entitlement and can protect it for you in the event of a claim.

Various payment options available including instalments.

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Young Driver Insurance

Expat Insurance in Spain can arrange insurance for younger drivers (minimum age 20).  Motor insurance for young driver can be expensive in Spain, we recommend therefore that before committing yourself to your new car or motorbike you ask for an insurance quote first.  We can insure only Spanish registered vehicles and motorbikes for young drivers aged 20 - 25.  From the age of 25 we can insure both UK and Spanish registered vehicles and motorbike.

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Home and Holiday Home Insurance

Up to 25% discount on your home insurance policy.  Subsidence cover included on selected policies.  Earthquake cover included.  Buildings and contents cover included with a large range of optional extras.  All Risks and third party liability can be included.  English written policies with full English speaking claims support.  Holiday home and apartment insurance at special rates.

Insure your home and car in Spain and we will include a multi-policy discount.

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance with no upper age limit.  Pre-existing medical conditions considered. Single trip, multi-trip, long stay and annual policies available with instant cover.  Business trips, club outings, celebration trips, sports groups and activity break travel insurance arranged.

10% discount for group bookings of 10 or more included on the same policy.  Book online and save 10%.

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Our Health and Funeral Insurance Products

Expat Insurance in Spain also have a portfolio of health and funeral insurance products.  We have a dedicated website provided product information, terms and conditions, policy documentation and an easy to use online Quote Request Form.

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Other Products

Expat Insurance in Spain provide a whole range of additional products to meet all types of requirements including:

  • Bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Commercial and office insurance
  • Third party liability (Responsibilidad Civil)
  • Professional services insurance
  • Landlords rental protection Insurance
  • Pet Insurance..........................................   and many others.  Read more and Get a Quote

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